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Copper Red pots

Little Animals just for fun

An Invitation

Ideas for Other Potters

Toolijooa? Where's that?

Pottery Slide-show 
              rabbit baby's plate No bunny rabbits
              have been injured

We think of these as "Bunny Rabbit plates". Eat up
your porridge and see the bunny rabbits.

The blue rabbit motifs on the plate are impressed
with a bisque-fired stamp while the new plate is still
leather-hard. If you are a potter yourself, you might
care to follow the link Ideas for Other Potters and
 look at "Make Your Own Pottery Stamps".

Just for fun, a small laminated sign to prop up
on the display table along with the plates.
We've found that little signs here and there on the
 display tables catch  the attention, so casual
browsers take more notice of the pots.