The Pottery at Old Toolijooa School

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Copper Red pots

Little Animals just for fun

An Invitation

Ideas for Other Potters

Toolijooa? Where's that?

Pottery Slide-show

Looking at a picture of a good pot is a poor
      substitute for handling the real thing.

You need to pick it up. Hold it in your hand,
            feel the glaze surface.

Are the walls evenly thrown?

If it has a lid, does the lid fit?

Is the pot too heavy for its size?

Hawk bowl copper red
Flower ring copper green & temmoku

Transparent glaze, or opaque?

Matt or satin or glossy?

Just one glaze on the pot?
Or several?

A "functional" pot for everyday use? Or something decorative? Or both at once?
Grapeleaf dish
We make mostly high-fired domestic stoneware. Useful things, to be held in the hand every day. Mugs and teapots and bowls. But often, just for fun, pots that are only for looking at. Owls and dragons and pussycats. Little wombats and emus and dolphins.

Dragons at green glass pool
Blue cat