The Pottery at Old Toolijooa School.

An Invitation.



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Copper Red pots

Little Animals just for fun

Ideas for Other Potters

Toolijooa? Where's that?

Pottery Slide-show
Aerial view of old house
This was old Toolijooa School, long since closed. 
Just farm paddocks here now as you can see.

We live and work at the old school house,
 so we're open 7 days, early till late.
 If you're driving by, take a few minutes to call in.

We're not hard to find, close beside the Highway
 on the left as you drive south, out among
 the dairy paddocks.

Look for the roadside sign, about 2 kilometres
 past the turnoff into Gerringong village.

New roadside sign
Roadside sign

There's not much warning for the driver as you speed by.

 Just a sign about 100 metres before,
 as you come out of the road cutting.

Big wide gate, easy entry, and plenty of room to park.

 We very often have visitors who say "We've been driving past for years and years but never called in. Wow! What lovely pots!"
 Making excellent pots isn't enough. You have to let people know you exist.
If you're driving past, consider yourself invited.

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