The Pottery at Old Toolijooa School.

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Little Animals just for fun

Copper Red pots

An Invitation

Ideas for Other Potters

Toolijooa? Where's that?

Pottery Slide-show
Canopic Jar human
Canopic Jar falcon
Teapot &
                  mugs Margarine tub blue & white Bear porridge
Canopic Jar jackalCanopic Jar baboon
Yarn bowl
It's hard to decide which pots to include in a "photo gallery" page.
For every new pot you make, there's likely to be an idea for a better
pot you'd like to make, next time. The horizon keeps retreating.
Photos here  include some old faithful best-sellers that we keep
on making year after year, and some newcomers that are
still on trial.

Click on a small picture to see a larger view, as usual.
Chopstick bowl in speckle matt glaze
Frog on
                  lily pad
                  grater Teapot tomato red Mortar & wooden pestle
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