The Pottery at Old Toolijooa School

An Award-Winning Cottage Industry


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Copper Red Pots

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              teapot and teabag drainer

Why visit this website?

Only curious? Maybe you just like pottery.
 Or perhaps you are a potter

Spend a few minutes to see what two enthusiastic  potters are making in this small-scale workshop.

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Mostly pictures, as you can see,
but worth the wait.

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Twisty-handle bowl in temmoku glaze

Most of what you will see here is high-fired stoneware. Many of the pots have more than one glaze,
  "glaze-on-glaze" in pottery-speak. If you are a potter yourself and would like
 recipes for some of them, feel free to ask. We'll help if we can.

And of course, if you can share some good ideas of your own, we'd be so glad to get those too.